Well today was Bubs appointment with the asthma specialist.  First off it is at the hospital and it was under construction.  We find a lady and she says the standard go down this hall take a right then go and take a left and take those elevators to the 4th floor.  Umm okay, but my paperwork says 5th floor. She says they will guide you up there.  So I got on and got off on what I thought was the 4th floor.  (later found out it was the 3rd)  No one around.  Humm, let’s go this way.  Bubs is now saying “my legs hurt”.  So I found the stairs and we walked to the 5th floor.  Yeah, I need exercise.  I opened the door to the fifth floor and I am in someone’s office.  Hello??  Some lady came around and asked if I needed to check in.  Umm, yes please. 

We went in, they called us back and in comes this doctor with dreadlocks to his waist.  He said hello and he is someone with a thick accent.  Very nice, but boy he was hard to understand.  I said what a lot.  Basically, he said that Bubs is asthmatic and to never just stop meds.  like I have wanted to do.  He ordered him a rescue inhaler incase we can’t stop the attacks and he put him on a daily inhaler 2x’s a day and an allergy nose spray 1x a day.  I told him that this prescription was out of our budget so he took care of that and gave me 5 months worth.  Wow!  He is worried about Bubs tonsils since they are so large.  He wants us to come back in 6 months so he can see how these meds are doing.  He said sometimes these meds. will control the drainage in his throat and shrink his tonsils.  If they shrink great.  If not he wants to do an apnea sleep study to see if it affecting his sleeping and breathing.  Good luck with that!  So another wait and see situation.

As for me, I found that I don’t have a panic anxiety disorder or such.  I have a problem with my adryneline kicking in at weird times and not being able to shut off.  So I am on a new medicine that slows down my heart and pulse and allows more oxygen to my heart.  It seems to be working but I am having a few side effects so I need to go back and get that checked out.

Beans and Bubs are both doing fine.  Their 4th birthday is in 2 weeks at Chuck E. Cheese.  I am debating on making the cake or getting a walmart cake.  I think what I want is cupcakes that make the number 4.  I can totally make that.  We are also going to MGM and Disney on their birthday this year again.  That should be fun.  I know they are excited about it.  Me well, I can go either way.  I get stressed in these situations. 

Work is fine.  Nothing new there.  I am trying to take the test to teach in the regular classroom instead of being the art teacher.  I took the test once and failed.  I went in thinking that I didn’t have to study….hum, wrong thought I guess.  So now I am trying to study, but it’s taking a while. 

That’s it.  That’s what’s happening.  Nothing major.  No one is throwing up or ill other than colds.  Tomorrow is a holiday.  Yay!


stupid fears

So I have this fear that is quite embarassing.  It absolutely makes me quesey and want to cry and run away.  It paralyses me to think I may be in contact with it.  I am scared of throwing up.  Mainly the stomach bug that goes around every year.  The thought of it puts my stomach in knots.  As soon as I hear it is going around I get knots in my stomach and I get shakey and then it gets in my head that I will get it and the kids will get it and then what will we do!  Uhhhggghhh.  So my friend comes over to visit this weekend and brings her baby.  “I want him to meet your mom” she says.  So they come over and the baby is spitting up quite a bit and did a big spit up on me.  “oh, it’s okay”  thinking just baby spit, its harmless.  She leaves and I change my clothes immediately.  I lysol the toys the baby touched.  She calls later and tells me that her son was throwing up the night before and now he is doing it again.  What?  You bring him over after him throwing up all night?  Uhhhggghhh.  You know I hate to be around that.  Just the thought!  So she tells me it isn’t a bug, he’s just congested.  Fast forward to today.  I get an email from her husband that says child is fine, but she is very sick.  So I call.  My friend is home from work….why?   She is throwing up everywhere!  Not only that, she has the the other end problem too.  Great!  Congestion huh, I think not!  So beans was hugging on your child and you say nothing.  The child pucked on me, you say nothing.  I swear if I get it I am gonna be pissed off!  Sorry, language, I know, but seriously.  Now my stomach is in knots like I already am comming down with it I am nervous which is something I don’t need right now.  Man people, if your sick don’t go around other people.  Be courteous.  Think of others.  If someone didn’t go out with a sickness then you wouldn’t be sick.  Get my drift.  Do you see how upset I get over this vomiting stuff.  Oh, I can’t stand it.  Have you ever held a pucking child while trying to keep the bowl under them.  God, its horrible.  I have got to get over this.  I have had this fear seriously, forever.  I never talk about it to others, but I can’t take it anymore.  I get this thing this time of year every stinkin year.  It sucks and I don’t even have it yet!

Random thoughts

So I don’t feel like explaining so I just put what has been on my mind lately….

  • My dog’s hair is falling out.  I don’t want to bring her to the doctor because, well, she hasn’t been to the doctor in over 2 years and I really don’t want to hear how I am a bad parent.  I don’t know what is wrong….allergies?
  • My children are hitting eachother.  I pretend it isn’t happening.
  • I am drinking a beer.  I don’t drink beer but I am today.  Why?  It is an aweful pretty day today and I want a beer.  I have a little buzz too.  Nice.
  • My husband is cooking chicken.  I don’t feel like chicken, but I don’t have the heart to tell him.  I’ll eat it anyway.  It’s always good.
  • Beans is getting strep.  She has white things in her throat.  Great.  Send her to school or not?  I’ll call the doc in the morning.
  • I cleaned the house today.  You can’t tell.  I scrubed the floor and the dinning room table and chairs.  Why didn’t someone stop me from buying white furniture when I have 2 toddlers with constant sticky hands running around.
  • I cleaned the house today.  Did I say that already?  As I said, you can’t tell.  I did 4 loads of laundry.  Which reminds me that I have the floor mats hanging outside drying.   Gotta get them before it gets dark.
  • Halloween is coming.  That means crazy hyper children.  Not necessarily at home, but at work.  All the students want to do is make bats, whiches and pumpkins which is ok, I’ve done some already.  All they talk about is what they are gonna be.  When I hear a 6 year old say she is gonna be a corpse cheerleader, it’s kinda disturbing.
  • I don’t like beer.
  • Max and Ruby are a savior in my house to hyper children.  Only mothers will understand.
  • My mom is coming this weekend, I hope.  I get excited to see family.  We get to have a reason to go to the beach….and fish!  Yes!
  • I don’t have to go to that horrible school tomorrrow that I dread.  I teach two schools and Mondays stink.  People are rude there.  If you hate children so much why do you teach?  I get to go to my happy school.
  • I don’t teach classes tomorrow.  The kids have it off for teacher day.  Cool.  The bonus of being an art teacher is that I don’t have to go to all the meetings all day that the regular teachers do.  HA!
  • I want to go fishing.  That’s my relaxation. 
  • I need a vacation.  Do you know that my husband and I have never been on a vacation by ourselves since children were born.  That’s going on 4 years people.
  • I just reserved a birthday party at ChuckeCheese.  God help me.

the school picture


So this is this year’s school picture.  I am very proud of it.   Bubs (Mboy) looks mighty handsome and Beans(Mgirl)  is just a cutie.  I am biased.  But really, to get both of them looking cute is rare.  There is usually one looking great and the other looks angry or sad or whatever.  We couldn’t afford to order but one page of pictures.  Those packages are way over priced, seriously.  I bet any mom would agree.  They had packages up to 200 bucks!  For school pictures not like studio pictures.   Anyway, I do have a few to still mail out so don’t freak if you haven’t gotten yours yet (Mom) .  I only have 4 to give away as I want to keep one.  I would like to get family portrait pictures done soon…if I can get a husband to cooperate.  Men and pictures, what’s the deal.


Last night Mboy refused to eat his dinner which is not normal.  I look in his throat and saw the nasty.  It’s covered in white spots.  Fast forward to today, we go in to see the doctor.  It isn’t his original doctor, she has the day off.  This is some new guy that I had talked to on the phone the night before and he kinda blew me off.  He asked what the symptoms are and I said I thought Mboy had strep and ofcourse he has been coughing.  Those of you that know, Mboy has a cough all of the time.  So he asks when the cough began.  Well, he always has a cough so I can’t keep track of when it starts.  Then he sees that Mboy has asthma and he said what do you do for him, I told him.  The doctor tell me you are doing it all wrong.  What?  Well, I am doing it the way his doctor told me too and that is why we are going to a specialist next month.  I am tired of him coughing.  The doctor says well it is obvious it isn’t working.  You know, don’t get cocky with me.  I just did what the other doctor told me.  Anyway, he changed his meds. , gave him a puffer inhaler instead of using a nebulizer.  I have been asking for one of those puffers for so long because Mboy hates his nebulizer.  And the doctor put him back on nose spray for allergies.  He explained in detail why he is going this way.  Man, I am starting to like this doctor.  He said give it two weeks and he should be cough free, if not keep the appt. with the specialist just in case. 

Back to Mboy’s throat.  He looks at it and says I think it is viral but I’ll do a strep test just in case.  So the test comes back positive.  He wasn’t expecting that.  Then we look at mboys history and he sees that he has had strep before within the last 6 months.  Doctor starts asking me more questions about his sleep habits and breathing.  Looks at his throat again and said that his tonsils are really big.  I told him that they were always that way and even his doctor made a comment about it.  But that was is a comment.  This doctor said that he thinks we need to start looking at getting Mboys tonsils and maybe his adinoids taken out.  So keep the appointment with the specialist, check his allergies and have him give a second opinion about Mboy’s tonsils.  If the specialist looks and sees that his tonsils need out well then it is on to the ENT.   Well, lucky for him we already have an ENT for Mboy from when he got tubes in his ears.  And from what I remember that ENT did say that one day Mboy will probably need his tonsils out.  So I guess it is time.  Poor guy.  He has no idea what is coming.  I would like to wait until after his birthday to do all this.  That would not be cool to be in the hospital on his birthday!  I just hope that my copay for all of this isn’t another $500 like it was for the ear tubes.  I’m sure it will be though.  Great. 

I just want all these issues fixed.  It’s frustrating when you trust a doctor and get a second opinion and its totally different than the first.  I am learning to question doctors though instead of just taking their word.  That’s a good thing, I guess.

home sweet home

So I went back to Louisiana this weekend, where i grew up.  I never liked that town as much as I do now.  I don’t know if bringing my own kids back changes my perspective or I am just plain getting older, who knows.  All I know is I don’t like where I live and everytime I go back I want to move back.    Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of friends here and I like where I work most days.  I like my house and I love the beach.  I don’t like the people here and how dirty it seems here (in town, not the beach).  Don’t get me started on how this state treats education!

So this is what we talked about doing.  First, get our credit in check and pay off what we can.  Next, find jobs in LA.  Me, well I have to wait until summer.  My H however can start looking and if he finds something well, I don’t know.  I quit my job and become a sub over in LA.  Then when summer comes, apply.  Then it would be house hunting.  We are thinking we would rent a house first to see where exactly we would want to live….with a pool.  Then we can have everyone over for barbecues.  HA! 

I just want to be near family.  It kinda stinks being so far and having to drive with these two munchkins strapped in their carseats for 6 hours.  They don’t like long car rides.  I think we are mentally ready, but we have to get all our ducks lined up.  We’ll see.


It’s lovebug season here.  Bugs mating everywhere.  So I had my class lined up outside waiting for their teacher to come pick them up.  The class was 1st grade.  “Mrs. F., why do lovebugs stick together?”  Well, cause they love eachother very much was my reply.  “That’s why they are called lovebugs” some other student said.  “Well, why can’t they just fly next to eachother, I mean, why do they stick?”  “Cause they are making more lovebugs”, I said.  “Yeah, it would really hurt them to pull them apart”, another student said.  “What?” the original student said.  “Ask your mother.” I said.